Cloud Pirates (Online)

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Cloud Pirates

Long ago, the land of Sarnaut shattered into pieces, transforming into floating islands suspended in space. Pirates now roam the skies, hopping between islands to find loot and to crush any who stand in their way in Cloud Pirates. Discover a variety of ships with different combat strengths, from tanky powerhouses like the Dreadnought to the fast yet deadly Galleon. Customize ships with upgrades, visually and combat-wise. Gather a crew and level up as a captain, unlocking abilities and combat buffs. Participate in quick and intense 10v10 PvP battles, working as a team to claim victory. Learn the layout and strategies for the handful of battlefields available.

Cloud Pirates Key Features: Pirates in the Sky – experience the scallywag life as a pirate, only in the air! Launch through the open skies and blast enemies to smithereens.

Customize Ships – players can customize their airships not just aesthetically, but with upgrades and weapons.

Different Types of Ships – discover different ships, each with its unique playstyle, from the Dreadnought to the Galleon. Variety of Battlefields – not all skies are created equal. Learn the different maps and fields to maximize strategical advantages.

Intense 10v10 Fights – to rule the skies, players will have to dominate opponents in fast-paced 10v10 PvP battles, working as a team to achieve victory.

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