Travian Kingdoms (Online)

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Travian Kingdoms

Choose your faction and build your very own Travian kingdom from scratch in this browser game! Keep an eye out for other players though: Are they your friends or will they stab you in the back and steal your resources? Find out by signing up today...

When you look at classic browser games of the strategy genre, Travian is one of the longest and most enduring franchises to still be alive and kicking these days. How come? Well, the fact that the developers are still working hard on bringing new content to their free-to-play titles certainly helps, as do the bug fixes and gameplay changes that have occurred over the last few years. Travian Kingdoms is one of the latest installments in the real-time strategy series, granting players the chance to build their very own empire and put together an army of valiant soldiers and brawlers. Think of Travian Kingdoms as a bigger and graphically advanced version of Travian 4. Once you set up an account and get started, there’s one choice you have to make that will determine your path within the browser game.

Agressive, peaceful or civilized? Which faction do you want to play as? First off we have the Romans. They offer the most expensive units in the game and will cost you a whole bunch of resources, but thanks to the power they bring to the battlefield, they are worth the effort. Choosing the Gauls as your preferred people will give you access to cavalry and bring forward troops specialized in defending your territory. How about the Teutons, though? In this online game, they are known for showing up in great numbers and following a rather offensive battle strategy. Who will you choose to conquer the MMORTS?

The kings handTo make sure your units know where to go and what objectives to complete, Travian Games encourages you to also recruit a hero. Heroes are natural born commanders, eager to lead fellow brethren into battle and inspire their allies by enthusiastically swinging flags or letting loose a roaring battlecry! Hunt down enemy players in Travian Kingdoms, find valuable artifacts and expand your browser game kingdom by seizing other villages that surround your main encampment. The real-time strategy title is also available as a mobile game.

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