Clash of Kings (Mobile)

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Clash of Kings

Engage in medieval warfare as you battle it out to conquer new lands in this free-to-play mobile game! Lead your kingdom to glory and fight to become the ultimate emperor, the king of kings.

Clash of Kings is a free-to-play mobile game, like King's Empire and Grepolis, where you develop an empire and use your abilities as a strategist to complete quests and conquer new lands. As your cities grow, so will your responsibilities and your appeal to other players. Make alliances, or fight in PvP battles for more land and more resources, conquering new cities as you progress. As your economical power rises, you will be able to recruit more soldiers and equip them with better weapons, making your armies more powerful in battle.Starting out with a measly excuse for a kingdom that is nothing more than a rundown patch of land, your first task is to find the resources to start building. Engage in numerous quests that will reward you will new tools, loot, and other necessities that you will need to start your construction. Make sure you have all the vital components that your residents require to thrive, and in doing so you will attract more citizens. The more people you have living in your kingdom the higher its production rate. However, with more people comes more responsibility!

There’s a seemingly endless list of buildings that you can construct to expand your city, each with a different function and purpose. Start by making sure your city has the essential properties that it needs in order to function properly, like living quarters and an army barracks. As you progress in this mobilestrategy game you will gain more loot, and thus be able to develop your Clash of Kings kingdom more quickly, constructing bigger and better properties like castles and palaces.

One way of gaining more loot is to go forth into battle and try to conquer new lands and new cities. For this you will need an army. Recruit soldiers in the army barracks and send them to battle to defend your town and attack your enemies. Form alliances with other players and join their armies, effectively doubling your power and your attack strength, allowing you to aim higher and attack larger cities and more developed kingdoms in Clash of Kings.

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